My journalistic career began with film criticism, but quickly expanded into other avenues of writing: culture, society, and politics.

Part of it was because I grew up in India, where film is one of the foremost cultural and social forces. The multiplex doesn't exist in a vacuum; it is often a battleground for social norms and political ideologies. And part of it was because my own interest with film was not limited to 700-word reviews, but observing where cinema stood in larger culture and what that said about society in general.

I have written for The Guardian on stand-up comedy in India and its potential for shattering taboos. For VICE, I have tried to analyze the Indian government's attitude to a documentary on gang-rape. In The Los Angeles Review of Books, I wrote about the role of propaganda cinema in the U.S. war effort during World War II. For Comment is free I, err, commented on the societal disparaging of perfectionists and how there's a diffusion of definitions at play here.

I intend to continue writing on such topics whenever I can, for these are issues I feel strongly for. I plan on tackling more long-form projects in the near future, and am always noting things in my journal for that.