Film Criticism

Cinema is my first love. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to say "I write about film for a living." and make it a true statement. I have been blogging about film for nearly six years, but things scaled up three years ago.

Every year, Indiewire—in association with the Festival del Film Locarno and the Film Society of Lincoln Center—organizes a workshop on film criticism. Seven college-age critics from around the world are selected; they attend the festival, are given press accreditation, participate in round-table discussions, and write articles that are published in international outlets. In 2013, I was one of the seven people selected for this Academy. Thus began my career in film criticism.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam also organizes a similar workshop, the Trainee Project for Young Critics. The festival selects three young professionals and offers them a scholarship to attend the festival. The Trainees form the Editorial Committee for the festival's newspaper, The Daily Tiger. They are also fully accredited journalists contributing to their respective publications. I was granted the opportunity to participate in this Project in 2014, and owe it immensely for helping me transition into becoming a professional freelance journalist.

In the last three years, I have been a film critic for numerous outlets. I have continued writing reviews and essays for Indiewire. I have been a festival correspondent and reviewer for I have had numerous essays on Indian and world cinema published in Keyframe Daily, the publication arm of Fandor. I have also contributed to publications like Film Comment, Filmmaker Magazine, among others. Because of my ongoing and more far-reaching commitments, I am not a full-time film critic anymore, but I try to write whenever I have the time and an opportunity presents itself.